Why We Need You!

Influencer marketing works best when an agency creates a network of influencers that loves its brands, working with top performers over the long term, and activating the right influencers to achieve specific goals. Without Influencers, we would not exist at FurtherU; we seek out the best influencers that can adequately promote our brands. Join Our Network of influencers and see how much further your Social media presence can grow. We seek support from all of the major influencer marketing channels. Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Pinterest, Twitter,  Blogs, and Podcasts.



Our passion

We represent brands that tap into every subculture and genre in social media, including niche interests and one-of-a-kind passions. No matter how large or niche of the brand, FutherU collaborates with all influencers no matter how big or small the niche or audience.


The Benefits

The benefits of becoming an influencer with further U gives you flexibility. Not the flexibility to pick your brands, but you also have the flexibility to work on your terms. Unlike other Influencer marketing agencies, we want our influencers to be authentic. We will never match influencers with a brand that will compromise an influencers’ identity.  Build and Connect with other people in our community you inspire.


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